Posted on Jun 14, 2018

This year at DataYard we celebrate 23 years of hard work, ambition, and success. First things first, we want to thank all of our wonderful, loyal clients who have chosen us for 20 years or just over the last year, your trust in us means everything. Secondly, we want to thank our team that is committed to serving our clients day in and day out. Lastly, we wanted to take a minute to thank and recognize, Dave Mezera. Who knew that what three Air Force buddies cooped up out of passion and tinkering would become the finest IT company in the Gem City.

If you’ve had the chance to experience a DataYard award then you know they are all unique and often recognize the most extraordinary to the most nominal achievements. This year while celebrating our 23 years together at a Dragon’s game we wanted to recognize the giver of the most awards at DataYard, Dave Mezera. Without Dave, DataYard would cease to exist the way that it does today. His love and attention have made DataYard great to its clients and its team.

This year, 2018, marks 23 years of business for DataYard, but it is not the first time that 23 years has been a monumental year. In fact, one hundred years ago exactly in 1918, another fine accomplishment was achieved by none other than the great Babe Ruth. The Boston Red Sox were coming off an incredibly successful season where Ruth had played nearly every game due to his affinity for hitting. He mostly played in the outfield in the shortened season of 1918 but would beg to return to his role pitching.

That year the Boston Red Sox faced off with the Chicago Cubs for the pennant. In Game One, Ruth was on the mound and ended up giving the Red Sox their first victory. Prior to Game Four Ruth injured his hand in a fight but still took the mound and pitched the game. Thanks to some outstanding support from his team he was able to get the Sox a victory and a 3-1 series lead. Here’s the thing, before allowing the Cubs to score in that 4th Game, Ruth had pitched twenty-nine and two-thirds consecutive scoreless innings, a record for the World Series that stood for more than 40 years. The next year in 1919, Babe Ruth would go on to have an unprecedented spell of slugging home runs, which gave him much of his notoriety. But, Ruth would reminisce that he was prouder of that record more than any of his jaw-dropping batting feats.

What does a historically spectacular baseball player have to do with DataYard today? Nothing, we have no company baseball team, we don’t have a World Series of I.T., we don’t even host a website that talks about Babe Ruth, but we can celebrate greatness. The last 23 years have been nothing less than incredible for our DataYard family and for Dave, or El Capitan as we call him. Similar to a baseball team there have been people who have come and gone, changed the game and ultimately made this team great, but one thing is constant Dave has been there and he’s invested time, resources and energy into this thing we call DataYard and the clients, community, and staff are all the beneficiaries.

Babe Ruth’s greatest personal feat was throwing some pitches, but his notoriety and fame were seen in his ability to hit the ball. His pitching success proceeded the incredible batting future he would achieve. We too believe that the best years are to come for DataYard. Some of our fondest memories and great accomplishments may be in the past but our greatest feats are still to come. So, we want to say thank you, Dave, and just keep swinging!

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