What attachments are blocked by DataYard’s Email filtering?

What attachments are blocked by DataYard’s Email filtering?

A complete list of attachment types that are not allowed through DataYard’s email services.

You should never accept or download any type of file from an unknown source. To help stop the recent increase in malicious files being received via DataYard email accounts, we have implemented new policies regarding the sending and receiving of certain executable files.

If someone attempts to send an email with one of these attachment types, they will receive a non-deliverable message letting them know that we do not accept these types of attachments for security reasons. The message will not be delivered to you.

The list of files that will NOT be accepted are as follows:

  • .ade – MS Access Compiled Database and Code
  • .adp – MS Access Data
  • .bat – Batch
  • .chm – Microsoft Help Document
  • .cmd – Microsoft Batch
  • .com – MS-DOS Executable
  • .cpl – Windows Control Panel Configuration
  • .exe – Win32 Executable
  • .hta – HTML Executable
  • .ins – Windows Internet Settings
  • .isp – IIS Settings
  • .jse – Javascript Encoded Script
  • .lib – Static Library
  • .mde – MS Access Compiled Database and Code
  • .msc – MMC Console Snap-in Control
  • .msi – Windows Installer Package
  • .msp – Windows Installer Patch
  • .mst – Windows Installer Transform
  • .reg – Windows Registery Key
  • .pif – Program Information
  • .ps1 – Powershell Script
  • .psm1 – Powershell Module
  • .psd1 – Powershell Hash Table
  • .scr – Windows Screensaver
  • .sct – Foxpro Compiled Query
  • .shb – Windows Document Shortcut
  • .sys – Windows System
  • .vb – VBScript
  • .vbe – VBScript Encoded Script
  • .vbs – VBScript Script
  • .vxd – Windows Virtual Device Driver
  • .wsc – Windows Script Component
  • .wsf – Windows Script
  • .wsh – Windows Script Host
  • .ws – Windows Script File
  • .msh – Microsoft Shell
  • .lnk – Windows Shortcut File
  • .inf – Information or Setup File


As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns please contact our support department Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

How can I connect to my DataYard VPN tunnel?

How can I connect to my DataYard VPN tunnel?

If you have services provided to you by DataYard that allow you connect via VPN, this walk through will take you through the setup of your VPN client.

We recommend Shewsoft VPN Access Manager, which can be downloaded from their website: https://www.shrew.net/download/vpn.



Once you have downloaded the client, you will first need to import the .pcf or .vpn file provided to you.

You will do this by going to File, Import and then browse your computer for the file.


Once you have the file imported, you should see it in your main screen.


Now just click the file and choose ‘connect’

You should now be prompted for your username and password, this was provided to you by DataYard Staff.