[RESOLVED] Global Internet Outage, 8/30/2020

[8/30/2020 @ 11:35AM] It appears that CenturyLink, one of our upstream providers, has implemented a fix, and traffic around the world — including Internet traffic to/from DataYard — is starting to return to normal. Our team noticed things starting to improve around 10:19AM this morning, but we wanted to make sure that everything had truly stabilized before posting an update here.

[8/30/2020 @ 08:31AM] DataYard engineers are aware of a global Internet outage this morning that is affecting many of our customers. The outage is not with DataYard’s services or data center but, because of the nature of the problem and how the internet works, the outage elsewhere is interrupting much of the internet traffic around the world. Our team is currently doing as much as they are able to manually route traffic to other upstream providers to circumvent the outage and restore connectivity to our data center.

We appreciate your patience and will post more updates as new information becomes available.

August Maintenance week 2020

Throughout the week of August 10th 2020, we will be performing maintenance on DataYard’s infrastructure and customer servers. This will include performing updates to all managed server infrastructure, including tasks that require reboots/shutdowns/service interruptions.  Maintenance will begin at 2:00AM EST and will be completed by 8:00AM EST throughout various days this week. Making IT Better!

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat: 1.800.982.4539 or [email protected]. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@datayardtechops & @datayard)!