We’re sticking to our motto “make IT better” by launching this brand spanking new website. It’s a little different than before but we think you’ll like it. For some, this change may come as a surprise and you might not recognize that it’s really us and for others, it might be hard to navigate at first, but that’s what this blog is all about.



Our site previously had a top menu bar that featured links to My DataYard, My Webmail, Connect Exchange, and Remote Support. We’ve taken these links and condensed them down to one link ‘My DataYard’, just look to the top right hand of your screen, I’m sure you’ll find it. The My DataYard page will now be the home to all those same links you’re familiar with from the old website.



The ‘My DataYard‘ page has been built to give you even more access to our tools, announcements, and system updates. While today it is host to all the same tools you recognize from our old site over the next few months we will be adding some new features that we’re really excited to share with you.



The site is up to date on several services, specs, and information that was either out of date or inexistent on the previous site so check it all out and if you have any questions let us know. We’re particularly excited about the new IT support page for our AYS service, which has been one of our fasts growing service, but was previously unrepresented on the website.

Hope you love it and if you have any problems feel free to reach out!

Make IT better!

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