Why buying your cloud direct is the more expensive option!

Cloud Service Providers Keep Your Data Yard in Order

When application providers or hosting managers look for cloud solutions to host their digital environments they have lots of choices to make.  Everything from the solution provider such as AWS vs Azure vs G-Cloud to the instances that are set up and how.  What about redundancy? Should you choose a public cloud architecture or private cloud architecture, what about a hybrid or multi-cloud?  The decisions are near endless and each deployment requires thought, strategy, and insight into both current and future needs. 

We often will face questions from clients and prospects surrounding why they should acquire a cloud environment through a service provider vs direct from the solution provider.  Our answer is simple… Do you know the answers to all the questions and options listed above? Are you prepared to bet your customers’ experience on it?  Companies turn to us to evaluate their needs, and how those needs are addressed within a cloud environment. Furthermore, the staff to competently deploy (nevermind properly), maintain, and manage high availability systems is very costly and often requires multiple individuals. The average cost of a DevOps resource today is $126,000 so if you need two, you are over a quarter million in salaries and you have not paid a penny to the solution provider yet.  

What about optimization and integration between systems and environments like in the case of multi or hybrid cloud architectures? Well, the complexity goes up and if these systems are not properly configured to work together or in parallel your computing costs will be far from optimized and will likely not properly perform as they should.  The truth is it takes an army to properly design, implement, optimize and maintain a cloud environment. That is what a cloud service provider (CSP) does, and because they spread those expensive resources over dozens of environments it in turn is more affordable than doing it alone.  

At DataYard we have designed some of the most robust and complex cloud environments, for some of the nation’s most recognizable brands and businesses that demand high performance and high uptime reliability.  In fact, our 99.999% average is nothing more than us properly configuring each environment for our clients’ needs, while ensuring proper updates and future deployments are coordinated and executed flawlessly. 

Next time you are comparing prices of “going it alone” vs working with a service provider, make sure to take into account the total cost of ownership (TCO) and ask yourself if deploying your valuable resources is best suited for making your cloud environment function or building more value for your customers.  We thought so!  Let’s build something great together… 

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