Widespread Phone Outage, 9/27/2021

DataYard engineers are aware of widespread outages with major phone carriers that are preventing many of our customers, as well as DataYard, from being able to receive phone calls. While we work to restore phone connectivity, our support team is still available via email at [email protected] and via our customer support portal at https://helpdesk.datayard.us

We appreciate your patience and will post more updates as new information becomes available.

How do I configure my phone to work with Connect Exchange?

Configuring your smartphone to receive your DataYard email uses the same settings as you would use to configure any other mail client. The setup varies slightly by device release date, but will always need the same set of information to work correctly.

iPhone Configuration

From your home screen choose settings

From the settings screen select mail, contacts and calendars

Next, choose the option Add Account

For the account type, you will choose Exchange

Enter your full e-mail address and your password supplied by DataYard

Enter server connect.datayardworks.com (no domain is needed leave this blank)



Select  Next

Select Save

Got to your mail app and download your email.


Android Configuration

From your mail app choose settings

Next, choose the option Add Account




Enter your full e-mail address and your password supplied by DataYard


For the account type, you will choose Exchange


You may get the following certificate error.

Select Cancel


Make sure your Domain\username is the same as your email address (some apps change it)

Enter server connect.datayardworks.com

Select Sign In


Select OK


Review these setting and make adjustments based upon your personal preference.

Select Sign In


Feel free to update this to whatever you would like that helps you identify this account.  Again this is a personal preference.

Select Done


If you have any questions please contact DataYard Support.