Posted on Sep 6, 2017
As a self-proclaimed “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” – DataYard seemed to be a perfect fit for me.  In my previous venture, prior to joining the DataYard family, I found my career in somewhat of a rut.  The monotony of what would be my final months at my previous employer had proved to be too much and I succumbed to the temptation of seeking a more exciting opportunity.  This statement is definitely not aimed to denounce my previous employer; but more attributed towards my inclination and desire to be perpetually challenged in my field.

I put much thought into my decision to seek a new employer before I did so.  I had as much job security as one could garner.  I had spent a decent amount of time in my position as a network administrator and established a very good rapport with not only my supervisor but my clientele as well.  I was well-liked (at least I’d like to think so).  I made decent money.  I was able to make business critical decisions with very little push back or input from my leadership.  And lastly, I was praised often for my work and was well-versed in my duties.  So you might be asking yourself, “Why the heck did you decide to leave?”  My answer?  It’s simple; I wasn’t challenged anymore.

As I started the often stressful, nerve-wrecking process of seeking a new employer, I thought many times over about what I was giving up and whether it was really worth it to terminate the fruitful relationship between myself and what would turn out to be my previous employer.  I asked myself, “Joe, can you see yourself in this position for another 15 years?  Can you continue to sit behind a desk for roughly seven hours a day virtually completing the same tasks every single day?”  The answer yet again was simple.  No, I couldn’t.

So, down the vigorous path of signing up to the Monster’s, Career Builder’s, LinkedIn’s and any other “job search” site I could think of I went.  My inbox was inundated within the first few hours of signing up on these sites.  “Welcome to…” such and such, they’d say.  “Hi Joe, we have a great opportunity here at…” such and such, they’d say.  Then came the phone calls from any and every technologically based recruiting firm.  “Hi, Joe.  My name is John Smith from Technology Recruiters ‘R Us.  Do you have a moment to discuss some career opportunities?”  “Well, John Smith.  I’m at work right now, so could you give me a call after 4 pm?  I don’t think my current boss would appreciate me misusing company time to speak with you about a new job opportunity.”  Thank goodness for unlimited calling plans as my minutes during the month long search for DataYard spiked like I’ve never seen before.

In the following weeks of signing up to these job search .com’s, I spent a rather large portion of my evenings sifting through countless emails and continued to field phone calls and talk to these total strangers about my salary requirements, why I’m seeking new employment, what am I looking for, what am I good at, what are my weaknesses, what industry within Information Technology would I like to work in and my all-time favorite question to answer; why would Company XYZ want to hire you?

On a day I can’t exactly recall, I do remember an email I received from one of these recruiters that made mention of, “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”.  Obviously that peaked my interest because I have always thought that about myself.  I possess many skills in many areas of Information Technology but I certainly wouldn’t consider myself to have a niche or be dedicated to one particular area.  With that said, I decided to return a message to these folks and within a day or so, I received a call back from them.

“Hi, Joe.  My name is Nancy Smith and after reviewing your resume, I think we have a great opportunity for you in Dayton, OH.”  I instantly thought, “I’ve heard this a time or two.”  But nonetheless, I gave her my due attention.  As she began explaining to me what I’d be doing on a day-to-day basis, the environment and culture as well as the nature of the work I’d be expected to complete; I was hooked.  I pictured in my head that I’d be out from behind a desk most of the time, working on a great variety of projects and most importantly, that I’d have the opportunity to get out and meet new people from around the Dayton area.  It seemed perfect for me…and it IS everything I thought it’d be.

After a handful of interviews with DataYard, including interviewing with some of the team members, I received an offer from their leadership to join the DataYard family.  Needless to say, I jovially accepted.

As I got to know my co-workers a bit more as weeks passed, I often found myself asking them a very specific question; “What makes you stick around?”  Now I find myself answering that very question I’ve asked so many times before.  Simply put… 
DataYard is everything I want in a “job.”  I am challenged on a daily basis, I travel around the Dayton area on a regular basis to meet both existing and potential clients, I’m surrounded by a great group of like-minded, light-hearted, intelligent and caring teammates and the culture and environment here at the “Yard” is so very cool.  But I just don’t stick around because of what DataYard offers me.  I love the fact I’m free to work not only in a technology capacity but I also have the ability to discuss with clients about how great DataYard is and about how DataYard can assist them via the services we provide to local businesses.