Just about every modern business needs some degree of IT support, but many businesses simply can’t afford to keep an IT specialist (or team, for that matter) on staff. Even those who can afford it struggle to balance immediate needs with on-going IT support. 

Many in-house IT teams find themselves overworked as emergencies and critical responsibilities take precedence over updates, strategy, monitoring, etc. This leads to vulnerabilities forming and mistakes being made.  

That’s why so many businesses can benefit from a partnership with a third-party IT company. For a cost that’s often less than a full-time employee, you can gain the support and services of an entire IT team, ready to handle your needs and address potential shortcomings in your current infrastructure. 

They can also provide a great cushion, offering more work when it’s needed and less when it’s not. That isn’t to say small to medium sized businesses can’t benefit from an in-house IT teamFor those with the need and resources for one, it can be beneficial to have people on-site. 

Even then, an IT support partnership can be a great thing to have in place. 

Outsourcing Select Services

In-house IT teams are often best utilized for emergencies, critical processes, and in-person support. 

Other roles, however, might fall outside of your staff’s capacity or even capability. In some cases, they’re simply not worth the time and money it costs to have a full-time employee working on them. 

For these roles, a third-party IT team can provide an extra layer of support and act as an extension of your own team. This often includes handling general infrastructure management, hosting, and monitoring.  

Whether it’s hosting your data and services on their own servers or housing your equipment in a co-location setup, a dedicated IT company is built to protect and monitor data systems and technology.  

For those who need a higher level of service, along with greater protection against today’s threats, an IT Support Partnership can also provide on-going consultation and security management services. This typically comes with an analysis of risks and implementation of superior processes. 

An Extension of Your Team 

A true IT Support Partnership is one that acts as an extension of your own company, understanding your systems and keeping them running. They’re also able to provide insight and experience that only comes with working across multiple businesses and industries, while remaining up-to-date on the latest practices, trends, and threats. 

At DataYard, we have a full range of IT and data services so that we can provide whatever level of support you need. Whether you’re looking for basic hosting and monitoring, or you’re in need a full-service IT partner, we’re here for you.  

As IT Consultants in Dayton, Ohio, we can also help you to navigate through the entire process of building out your digital infrastructure and securing your systems. Ultimately, we’re here to provide you the highest level of customer service, no matter what your IT needs might be. Contact us today and take the first steps towards a beautiful new partnership. 

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