Roomberry Project v.4

Coming off of the holiday weekend, we felt pretty good about last week’s success’. We were able to setup our hard-line serial tether on a test board, as well as set it up on a more permanent prototype board. However, a few issues occurred with our permanent version. After we put together the first board, […]

Roomberry Project v.3

Coming off of the rather disappointing results from last week in trying to get a serial connection set up between the Roomba and the Raspberry Pi, we have been able to make loads of progress. Jim made some great headway on getting a hard-line serial tether set up. We were able to successfully tether the […]

Roomberry Project v.2

This past week had major ups in downs in terms of our project’s completion. We had setup a proper serial port connection in order to communicate with the Roomba via Pi, however early in the week we ran into some hurdles and could no longer communicate with the Roomba. Numerous attempts were made to solve […]

Roomberry Project

Our primary objective for this “Roomberry Project” is to adequately gauge temperature and humidity data inside of a data center from various points. To do that, we decided to use the iCreate 2 Roomba platform. Over the past two and a half weeks, Owen and I have successfully gotten our Pi A+ to talk to the […]

IOT Roomba Comes to Life

Our summer interns, Jimmy and Owen, have been hard at work on their Internet of Things project.  This week they got the Roomba connected to a Raspberry Pi over a serial connection. From there, they can SSH into the Pi over a WiFi connection and issue commands directly to the Roomba, and collect data from the Roomba. Ultimately, the […]

DataYard’s 2016 Internship Program – Internet of Things Kick-Off!

On June 1st DataYard officially brought on two new summer interns for a specific and pretty cool project – to explore the Internet of Things (IoT)! The chosen ones – Owen Devine and James Kinion – will be working with us through August to design, build, and deploy mobile units which report not only their […]

Summer 2016 Internship,”Internet of Things”

During the summer of 2016 DataYard will sponsor a summer internship program for college students to explore robotics, sensors, and concepts related to IOT — the “Internet of Things”, hardware and software that uses network connections to bridge physical and virtual worlds. What You Will Do? Our interns will work on a real project that […]

Client Spotlight – Mikesell’s Project Overview

DataYard is proud to announce our latest partnership with the Mikesell’s Snack Food Company – the oldest potato chip company in the United States! Since 1910, Mikesell’s has been manufacturing and shipping delicious treats from right here in Dayton to the surrounding tri-state. DataYard and Mikesell’s were introduced via mutual partners and Technology First relationships, […]

Linux Exploit Liability? Backspace 28 times to get in…Really?

Linux Exploit Liability? Backspace 28 times to get in…Really? Recent headlines on a new Linux exploit have been spectacular: How to hack any Linux machine just using backspace Exploit Logs You Into Linux Systems After Hitting Backspace 28 Times Log into most any Linux system by hitting backspace 28 times The vulnerability lies within the […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wishing you the gifts of the season — Peace, Joy, Hope As we stop to celebrate the holidays, one of our real joys is the opportunity to thank you and wish you the very best in the year to come. Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday […]