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99.999% uptime on an annual basis. Who can top that?

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Enjoy the freedom of our Cloud Hosting and run your business without purchasing the physical hardware used to interconnect computers and users.

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Can you really run a business without purchasing infrastructure hardware? Yes, you can – with DataYard’s VIP (Versatile Infrastructure Platform). Our instance-based cloud computing service is ideal for organizations with business-critical applications and/or services that must run on a continual basis. VIP means you benefit from the proven availability, reliability, and security of DataYard’s virtual cloud environment without traditional hardware overhead. VIP server load balancing occurs automatically and in near real-time, accommodating peaks and valleys in your organization’s business cycle with ease.

DataYard’s VIP service is built on our own clusters of powerful physical servers and hosted in our highly-available Data Center facility. Each virtual machine instance is self-contained, with its own operating system, data store, user space, and static IP address. Backup storage, while not automatically included with contracted VIP service, is always highly recommended, and can be obtained as a bundled service with DataYard’s Ready Backup.

DataYard VIP clients experience a standard Service Level Agreement of 99.999% uptime on an annual basis – a mere five minutes of unscheduled downtime per year – excluding our contracted 48 hours of scheduled maintenance, outages pre-approved by the client, and unforeseen circumstances. We challenge you to find another IaaS provider who can guarantee a higher level of availability.



When you’re the CEO, CFO, AND CMO, you don’t have time to be the IT Manager too. Let DataYard manage your cloud hosting.



One size does not fit all. DataYard will create a custom plan for your cloud hosting that can grow along with your growing business.



Big business demands big data solutions and DataYard has the infrastructure and the support to take care of your cloud hosting needs.