Why SD-WAN Matters for Businesses in 2020

Why SD-WAN Matters for Businesses in 2020

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Why SD-WAN Matters for Businesses in 2020

Cloud Feat

Why SD-WAN Matters for Businesses in 2020

Cloud Feat

It’s a new decade, and the internet is not what it was 10 years ago. Not only is there more information passing through networks, but it’s more diverse and complex. More devices are accessing it. Most software integrates with it, if not depends on it entirely. Meanwhile, the threats against security are more complex and powerful than ever. 

To manage, optimize, and protect your network, you need to utilize advanced tools. One that’s becoming increasingly popular is SD-WAN.  

SDWAN stands for “software-defined wide area network”. Whereas a traditional WAN typically operates at the point of contact, an SD-Wan is able to create a virtual architecture within the network, proving intelligent control. 

SD-WAN is designed for today’s network activity, bringing more customization, faster speeds, tighter security/privacy, and more.  

How this is done depends on your preferences and settings. SD-WAN operates based on priority settings, security requirements, etc. Despite its deep feature set and enhanced control, like most-cloud-based systems, it’s easily managed from a centralized dashboard. 

Why is SD-WAN More Secure?

SD-WAN offers more control and refinement over traditional WAN setups, allowing you to not only provide security at the point of connect, but actively across the network. Policies can be configured for individual applications while traffic is segmented. This helps ensure that only authorized services are able to move across the network. 

SD-WAN also provides the ability of granular security, giving you fine-tuned control over what individual programs, users, devices, etc. can and can’t do. 

A Modern Network for the Modern Internet 

Though DataYard has been around since 1995, we make sure our network systems are equipped with the latest tools and technology. SD-WAN is just one of the tools we employ to keep your data secure and agile. 

Whatever your IT needs might be, our IT consultants in Dayton, Ohio can help you ensure your business meets the highest standards. Contact us today to learn what DataYard can do for you! 

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