[RESOLVED] Global Internet Outage, 8/30/2020

[8/30/2020 @ 11:35AM] It appears that CenturyLink, one of our upstream providers, has implemented a fix, and traffic around the world — including Internet traffic to/from DataYard — is starting to return to normal. Our team noticed things starting to improve around 10:19AM this morning, but we wanted to make sure that everything had truly stabilized before posting an update here.

[8/30/2020 @ 08:31AM] DataYard engineers are aware of a global Internet outage this morning that is affecting many of our customers. The outage is not with DataYard’s services or data center but, because of the nature of the problem and how the internet works, the outage elsewhere is interrupting much of the internet traffic around the world. Our team is currently doing as much as they are able to manually route traffic to other upstream providers to circumvent the outage and restore connectivity to our data center.

We appreciate your patience and will post more updates as new information becomes available.


On June 15th & 16th of 2018, we will be performing maintenance on DataYard’s customer infrastructure. This will include performing updates to all managed server infrastructure, including tasks that require reboots/shutdowns/service interruptions. Maintenance will begin at 3:00AM EST and will be completed by 9:00AM EST.

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat: 1.800.982.4539 or [email protected]. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@datayardtechops & @datayard)!

Network Maintenance 06/30/2017

The Network Team will be performing maintenance on the network core starting June 30, 2017 between 12:00AM  EST and 2:00AM EST.  No service interruption is expected during this time.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.



How do I configure my Android phone to work with Connect mail?

Follow the guide below to set up POP/IMAP email on an Android device.

Step 1: Go to “Apps“.
Step 2: Go to “Email”.
Step 3: Click on the Menu” button.
Step 4: Go to “Settings“.
Step 5: Click on “+ Add An Account“. (You may have to select Add New Account again depending on you phone app)
Step 6: Enter your full email address and password for the email account.

android setup

Step 7: After hitting “Manual Setup” you will select the desired protocol.

android account type

Step 8: Enter in our mail server information. For POP/IMAP server enter pop3.donet.com or imap.donet.com and for username enter your username given to you by DataYard. Example “carri.test”. If the password field is not filled in, re-enter it again.  Select Port 995 for inbound POP. Select Port 993 for inbound IMAP port. 

android incoming_pop                                                          android incoming_imap

Step 9: Enter in our mail server information. For the host SMTP server enter smtp.donet.com and for username enter your username supplied by DataYard.  If the password field is not filled in, re-enter it again. Select Port 587 for outbound server.

android outgoing


Step 10: Select “Next”.  Proceed to the following steps on screen.  These setting are your personal preferences.


Data Center Cooling Maintenance for 10/11/2016 – Rescheduled for 10/18/2016

We will be conducting  maintenance on our primary cooling system in the data center on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  We will be using our auxiliary cooling system during this time.

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat: 1.800.982.4539 or [email protected]. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@datayardtechops & @datayard)!

Update – Maintenance Rescheduled:

We had to reschedule the cooling maintenance for Tuesday, October 18, 2016.  We will be running on auxiliary cooling system from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM while the maintenance on the primary system is being completed.

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat: 1.800.982.4539 or [email protected]. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@datayardtechops & @datayard)!

Celebrate Sysadmin Appreciation Day With DataYard: July 29, 2016

Sysadmin Day 2016

Beer and Pizza to Celebrate Sysadmins!

Here we are again!  The last Friday in July is annual Sysadmin Day – a chance to recognize those individuals toiling in the shadowy boiler-rooms of the Internet who keep the world at large running smoothly.

We’ll meet at the Dayton Beer Company around 4PM, have some local craft beers and Pizza Factory ‘za, and later dump a cooler of Mountain Dew on the crew (or at least one of them). Please join the DataYard team in raising a toast in a celebration to these IT heros!

Planning to Attend? Seating is limited, so if you’re planning on coming to our Sysadmin Day celebration this year head over to our Eventbrite page and reserve your free ticket now. Bring a couple of tech friends with you and have a great evening, on us.

Pick up a copy of our Sysadmin Day poster, too.

IOT Roomba Comes to Life

Our summer interns, Jimmy and Owen, have been hard at work on their Internet of Things project.  This week they got the Roomba connected to a Raspberry Pi over a serial connection. From there, they can SSH into the Pi over a WiFi connection and issue commands directly to the Roomba, and collect data from the Roomba. Ultimately, the Pi+Roomba will be autonomous, roaming around on its own and capturing environmental data.

Next they’ll be working on an inductive charging circuit to charge a LiPo battery to power the Pi independently of the Roomba, and giving the Roomba “sight” so it can identify where it is in 2D space as it takes environmental samples.

Stay tuned to our blog for future updates from the guys as they continue to report their progress.


Outlook 2016 IMAP not synching Inbox

Outlook 2016 IMAP not synching Inbox


Outlook 2016 is only pulling emails from subfolders. Inbox is empty.

Solution 1:

In Mail, in the Navigation Pane, right-click the top folder for your IMAP account.


Click IMAP Folders…


Click Query.


Click a folder, and then click Unsubscribe.


Click a folder, and then click Subscribe.


Click Apply

Click OK

If this solution doesn’t work for you try the following.

Solution 2:

Check if the path to your Inbox is set in your Outlook 2016 settings.
To set the root folder path for your IMAP account:

File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings…


Double click on your IMAP account.


Select More Settings…


Select Advanced Tab


Option: Root folder path

Setting this to “Inbox” will do the trick.


Click OK and close all of the opened dialog boxes.




Step –by-step Connecting to AnyConnect VPN

In your web browser enter VPN server URL (ex:  https://vpn.yourdomain.com)

Enter your AnyConnect Username and Password

Select Logon


If Java is not detected Select OK



Select the link Windows 7/Vista/64/XP


Click the downloaded file at the bottom of the screen


Select Run


Select Next


Select radio button for “I accept the terms in the License Agreement

Select Next


Select Install

9 10

Select Finish



Go to the Start button in the bottom left corner of your PC

12or  13


Select All Apps for Windows 10 or 8 or All Programs for Windows 7


Select Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client


Enter VPN server URL (ex:  https://vpn.yourdomain.com)

Select Connect


Enter AnyConnect Username and Password

Select OK


 Congratulations you are connected!!!!!

Summer 2016 Internship,”Internet of Things”

During the summer of 2016 DataYard will sponsor a summer internship program for college students to explore robotics, sensors, and concepts related to IOT — the “Internet of Things”, hardware and software that uses network connections to bridge physical and virtual worlds.

What You Will Do?

Our interns will work on a real project that has a practical application. We want you to build a robot that will roam a physical space, take environmental measurements within that space, and upload the captured sensor data to a database in the cloud. Ultimately, the physical space we want the robot to roam is DataYard’s own data center.

This, by itself, is a pretty cool project that would provide some useful environmental data for DataYard. But, of course, we want to make it a little more challenging.

Not only do we want you to store the environmental measurements, but we want to know where in the physical space each environmental sample was taken. That means you’ll also need to figure out how to capture location data with the environmental sensor data.

Finally, we’d like you to create a way to visualize all the sensor data that your robot has captured. This portion of the project could be pretty software intensive, and will need to interact with databases and web servers to produce a graphical “heat map” of our data center space to show us the environmental conditions everywhere that the robot has been.

What Resources Will You Have Access To?

We’ve got a Maker space complete with tools and parts, including a Roomba robot built platform, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, breadboards, voltmeters, sensors, motors, batteries, lots of other circuit components, and a Taz 5 3D printer to design and custom-print your own parts.

You’ll get guidance and support along the way, along with meetings with an advisor (at least twice weekly) to keep you moving in positive directions. Most of all, you need to be a self-starter who isn’t afraid of taking chances and making mistakes as you learn. You’ll get a chance to be creative, create a project plan, manage a budget (we’ll give you up to $500 to spend on extra parts you need), report on your progress, learn a ton about how stuff on the Internet works, make something cool and useful, AND make money doing something very few people get a chance to do.

What’s The Schedule & Pay?

Our internship program will run during the summer months of June, July, and August. We’re flexible on the exact stop and start dates. We’re expecting you to work on the project here in our office in Downtown Dayton up to 20 hour a week, and we’ll pay you $10/hr to soak up as much as you can while building something super cool.


If you’re interested in participating in the DataYard 2016 IOT Internship Program please contact me, David Mezera, by email at [email protected] on or before April 30, 2016. Tell me why you think this program is for you. Thanks for your interest! I can’t wait to get you started!

[UPDATED 4/11/2016] I’ve gotten a lot of applicants, and I now understand that some of the local schools will be letting out in May. As a result, we’ll be closing the application window on Friday, April 15, so that we can make selections before April 22. Stay tuned!