Sysadmin Day 2016

Beer and Pizza to Celebrate Sysadmins!

Here we are again!  The last Friday in July is annual Sysadmin Day – a chance to recognize those individuals toiling in the shadowy boiler-rooms of the Internet who keep the world at large running smoothly.

We’ll meet at the Dayton Beer Company around 4PM, have some local craft beers and Pizza Factory ‘za, and later dump a cooler of Mountain Dew on the crew (or at least one of them). Please join the DataYard team in raising a toast in a celebration to these IT heros!

Planning to Attend? Seating is limited, so if you’re planning on coming to our Sysadmin Day celebration this year head over to our Eventbrite page and reserve your free ticket now. Bring a couple of tech friends with you and have a great evening, on us.

Pick up a copy of our Sysadmin Day poster, too.

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