The last few weeks have been full of exciting announcements for Dayton’s downtown revitalization, and as a downtown-based company, we’re ecstatic! Watching developers like Woodard Development, CrossStreet Partners, Miller Valentine Group and many others grow is something to be excited about, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their investment.

We’ve always believed in downtown Dayton and in our own way have gone “all in” by putting all of our chips on the table of ITs potential. We’ve been quietly building into Dayton’s future with our technical expertise but most of it is unseen and unheard so to partner with these developers to let people see the impact that is being made is something we love. What they do makes us better and validates the investment we first made over 24 years ago.

We believe in Dayton.

We want to thank the guys who have believed in Dayton for generations, like Dave Dickerson and Dave Williams, who have been vision casting for years about the potential future of downtown. While there are others we may not know by name who have also been making the investment in downtown, it’s these two that we’ve worked closely with and whose stories we’ve been captivated by that have helped us appreciate the history and hard work that has gotten us where we are today.

We want to express our gratitude to guys like Jason Woodard, who are bringing energy into the area and by taking the risk on the investment. We are incredibly grateful to be part of projects like the 444 Innovation Hub, Avant Garde, and the other projects in the Webster Street District. It’s been with great pleasure that we’ve been part of these developments, stretching the boundaries of what’s possible in new tech and development. 

The future is bright for downtown with all the new projects on the horizon. CrossStreet has the Arcade moving full steam ahead, Woodard has the recently announced Manhattan building in motion, and the Mandelson’s redevelopment in partnership with Crawford Hoying is in full swing. Let alone ventures like Windsor’s project in the Fire Blocks District, Wenzler Capital Group’s development of the Canal District, Weyland Ventures working on the Oregon East, and all of Simm’s projects. There are so many new redevelopment plans, we can hardly keep track of them all!

Above all, what we have learned through all these projects is this – if you are a developer and your name starts with “W”, you’ll probably be working in Dayton, Ohio. In all seriousness, what we’ve learned is that Dayton is a precious Gem and it was worth putting every chip on the table so many years ago in order to be part of this amazing community building into the future of Dayton. We thank each and every developer that we mentioned, and those we may not have mentioned by name, for making the investment, dreaming the dream, and grinding it out to make beautiful things in our city. We believe Dayton is great, but we believe it’s better with you. Thank you

Thank you.

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